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What is Lorax Live?

The Lorax Live show he hosts was inspired by Nelson Mandella’s, Radio Freedom that broadcast in defiance of South Africa’s apartheid policy and carried a jail sentence of 8 years for anyone who dared to listen. The show is now in it’s third year and has a roster of guests who span the globe and respective issues of censored voices and issues.

Lorax and his guests give the audience an inside view of worlds seldom seen or understood: whether it is the impact of drones on life in remote Pakistan, or effects of genetically engineered food. He has also provided a platform for supporters of Anonymous collective to speak out against actions ignored or distorted by media, like Commander X detailing how OpIsrael raised a communications network for Palestine under siege.

As an advocate for open media, Lorax held a weekly radio show to report on stories that were not covered by the main stream media. He has interviewed many guests, famous and obscure, bringing their messages to the masses. However, he was arrested for alleged defacement of Australian government websites. As a condition for bail, he is not allowed to have access to computer equipment.

With well over 100 interviews done by Lorax, he was well aware that he was a growing target for a corrupt covert empire and like many of his guests, has always been willing to pay a high personal price for speaking truth to power and fighting for a more just world and peaceful future.

We are the Lorax,
We speak truth to power,
We fight for a more just world,
We are the peaceful future,
Expect us. #FreeLorax

This is a playlist of the Lorax Live see @loraxlive and #LoraxLives for complete list
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Lorax Live Archive 2012

  1. May 18, 2012 Barrett Brown
  2. Barrett Brown is an activist and writer who evolved from reporting about Anonymous becoming involved with information leaked through hacks. He talks about his appearances in mainstream media talking about the high profile events and group LulzSec who came to international prominence with emails from American intelligence contractors H.B. Gary tried to discredit Wikileaks and Strategic Intelligence Forecast aka Stratfor published by Wikileaks as the Global Intelligence Files. Brown explains his reasons for distancing himself from Anonymous to focus on his crowd-sourced Wiki, Project PM that organizes the research from the hacks and offers the reasons he believes the best days of Anonymous are behind them.
  3. June 15, 2012 Serge Bakalian ~ Filmmaker ~ DEFAULT
  4. Serge Bakalian is a San Francisco-based filmmaker, the Producer and Writer of "Default: the Student Loan Documentary." Krotala Films He exposes the disaster of the student debt trap with stories of borrowers from different backgrounds affected by the student lending industry. No matter when loans were taken, borrowers repay multiple times the original amount with no bankruptcy protection, no cap on fees and penalties and no recourse to the law.
  5. July 6, 2012 Amber Lyon ~ Journailst Filmmaker
  6. Amber Lyon is a three time Emmy Award winning journalist and filmmaker focused on activism, revolutions, Anonymous, human and animal rights worldwide. She shares her experiences on the front lines of the Arab Spring, a harrowing experience of threats under siege in Bahrain and being fired on by California Police while filming Occupy Wall Street protests. She talks about her global travels covering human rights abuses and how her love of scuba diving landed her in live coverage of the undersea reporting of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill that Amber showed CNN viewers gushing into the Gulf of Mexico while she was surrounded by sharks.
  7. July 20, 2012 Christine Assange ~ Mum to Julian Assange
  8. Christine Assange is the mother of Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange. She reveals the personal and professional price paid for exposing truth and explains how the behavior of governments has forever changed her view of political leaders. Christine shares some history making leaks that earned Julian an Australian Walkley Award equivalent to The Pulitizer for most outstanding contribution to journalism and answers questions about and the US Government's ongoing efforts to silence him and criminalize whistleblowers.
  9. July 20, 2012 Jillian York ~ EFF Director International Expression
  10. Jillian York is a journalist and International Director of Freedom of Expression for Electronic Frontier Foundation. With the Internet as the new battlefield, Jillian explains how EFF is works to defend free expression online for all which leaves every threat from American courts to Syrian malware.
  11. August 10, 2012 Barrett Brown
  12. Barrett Brown on the mainstream impact of Stratfor emails the ongoing DDoS on Wikileaks since Trapwire release. Barret says he deals only with public documents he doesn't even have the links for the emails but hope Anonymous can spread the data. He airs his irritation with the lack of order in the IRC venues and how the dynamic of Anonymous action is drown in social chatter. Barret explores ideas for improving social networks to grow information and action.
  13. August 10, 2012 Peter Phillips ~ Director Project Censored
  14. Peter Phillips is a professor & Director of Project Censored; since 1976 they have made a broad academic investigation of stories edited and misrepresented as news. Peter shocks even informed news trackers with some of the stories we missed. He explains how media has been consolidated into a few mega-corporations and the impact of undermining democracy by creating the best entertained least informed society.
  15. August 17, 2012 CommanderX
  16. Legendary Anonymous hacktivist Commander X talks about OpTrapwire and how the Anonymous IRC networks have been synchronized in response to the global surveillance system. He shares a very personal view of the skewed scales of Justice in America and the risks associated with digital activism.
  17. August 24, 2012 Violet Blue ~ Journalist
  18. Violet Blue is an award winning author found at CNET, ZDNet & Zero Day. Violet lectures on culture, cyberspace and privacy at UC Berkeley, UC SanFrancisco and many tech conferences. Violet talks about the current splash cam protests and global INDECT protests scheduled for October in reaction to revelations of growing web of corporate contractor surveillence with TrapWire's connection to Anonymizer.
  19. August 31, 2012 Jason Hammond twin brother of Jeremy Hammond
  20. Jason Hammond is a musician from Chicago and the twin brother of Jeremy Hammond, a hactivist jailed in NYC since March 2012 when he was part of an FBI sting operation hacking the emails from intelligence contractor Stratfor. Jeremy shares some of his brother Jeremy's view of incarceration and updates details of #FreeAnons "Hear Us Now" compilation music CD that brought lots of talent and heart together as a fund raiser for legal defense. We get live performances including accompaniment by the other Bob Dylan.
    http://freehammond.org/about http://www.blastedrat.com/product_p/hearuscd.htm
  21. September 7/8, 2012 Andrew McInnes ~ Transition Initiatives
  22. Andrew McInnes is an activist and member of Transition Port Angeles, a grassroots movement focused on economic resilience and building community. He explains the importance of a foundation of human rights and how to create solutions by using a local framework of consensus to give a workable context to small and large issues as well as examples of Transitions successes around the world. Andrew also explains why his support of Anonymous and Occupy dovetail with the social reform goals that play out through the Transitions Project as all seek to achieve consensus to find remedies or action for social change.
  23. September 20/21, 2012 Claire Robinson Biotech Industry Watchdog
  24. Claire Robinson is research director at Earth Open Source a platform for collaborative science in the public interest and editor at GMWatch which tracks the global news about gmo research, crops and PR groups paid to promote it. She gives us an understanding of the differences between traditional breeding and genetic modifications and the scientific basis for concern about novel gmo as food. a good foundation for separating GMO Myths and Truths with resources for evidence-based examination of claims of gmo safety and efficacy.
    http://www.earthopensource.org http://www.gmwatch.org
  25. September 28/29, 2012 Stacey Phillips ~ Occupy Salem, Oregon
  26. Stacey Phillips describes himself as a pragmatic activist wizened in the ways the wheels of commerce turn. He is an organizer of the Occupy movement in Salem, Oregon. Stacey talks about big money in politics and his trip to New York City to participate in the one year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. He takes us through some of the movements successes over its first year, including the Occupy Ports that he helped to organize that resulted in a major work stoppage that shut down the Portland Terminal in solidarity with port protests along the entire West Coast. Stacey also shares the story of fellow Salem resident Doug Boone who is making a cross country walk carrying a Congressional Medal of Honor on behalf of Veterans against war.
    http://www.osoga.com/ http://www.facebook.com/public/Doug-Boone http://forum.occupysalemoregon.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=1493
  27. October 12/13, 2012 Rebecca Bowe International Privacy Coordinator @ EFF.
  28. Rebecca Bowe the International Privacy Coordinator at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. She explains how corporate appetite for data mining personal details for lucrative business models has eaten away our rights to privacy in the bold new world of the Internet and new implications of facial recognition tools with Trapwire, the global surveillance system revealed in Stratfor emails.
  29. October 17/18, 2012 Andy Lee Roth
  30. Andy Lee Roth is Associate Director of Project Censored and contributes original research on corporate news coverage of war and the environment to Project Censored Yearbook and Morning Mix on KPFA. He touches the effect of corporate media's Junk Food Journalism and the most censored stories of 2012 including their top story of growing police state, our oceans in crisis, Fukushima forgotten, but not gone.
  31. October 19/20, 2012 Leah Bolger Veterans for Peace
  32. Leah Bolger is a retired Navy Commander with 20 years of US Military Service, a full time Peace Activist and President of Veterans for Peace. Her organization is dedicated to promoting peace by helping the public understand the true cost of war. Leah talks about the value of the Collatoral Murder video showing the killing of a journalist, civilians and children that Bradly Manning has been accused or releasing to Wikileaks. She also talks about the torture of Manning by the military during his pre-trial confinement and the ridiculousness of the government efforts to classify details of war that are common knowledge for the populations suffering the effects. Leah gives us insights of a recent visit to an area of Pakistan under steady drone attacks and explains how life in Waziristan has changed for the people ther with special focus on the children who grow up with PTSD from a life under siege. Shocking breakdown of Iraq War effects, in terms of impact if it were America, (aprox 2 min into show)
    http://www.veteransforpeace.org/who-we-are/our-mission/ http://www.veteransforpeace.org/pressroom/news/2012/10/08/life-waziristan-2012-ad
  33. October 26/27, 2012 Asher Wolf ~ Journalist
  34. Asher Wolf is a journalist, transparency and information activist based in Australia. She is the founder of the Cryptoparty. She talks about being a target of an FBI investigation targeting Wikileaks supporters world wide as well as her efforts to make online security and privacy tools usable by the general public with tools made available through Cryptoparty to host small educational gatherings worldwide.
    https://twitter.com/Asher_Wolf https://twitter.com/hackstress https://cryptoparty.org/wiki/CryptoPartyHandbook
  35. October 26/27, 2012 J.D.Nero ~ Activist Artist & Rapper
  36. J.D. Nero talks about the power of music and its place in educating the public. Nero is a life-long native of Brooklyn, N.Y. with a deep passion for music that started with Hip Hop in the 'hood. His controversial lyrics carry important messages of social change and ring like a clarion call for activism and change. Supporters of Occupy and Anonymous are familiar with J.D. Nero as a voice that elevates music from an industry commodity, to a rhythm of truth your heart can beat to.
  37. November 17/18, 2012 Ryan Holiday Media Marketing Guru
  38. Ryan Holiday is author of Trust me I'm lying, Confessions of a media manipulator. He is a media strategist and writes about media manipulation because he's tired of a world where marketers write news filled with lies and no one is accountable, He shares examples and pranks that reveal very serious weaknesses and risks replacing traditional journalism with a page view model.
    http://trustmeimlying.com/ http://blogs.forbes.com/people/ryanholiday/
  39. November 23/24, 2012 Claire Robinson GMWatch Earth Open Source
  40. Claire Robinson is research director at Earth Open Source, a platform for collaborative science and editor at GMWatch which tracks the global news about gmo research, crops and PR groups paid to promote it. As a returning guest Claire discusses big money and the politics of food, California's landmark gmo labeling initiative Prop 37 and the implications of the Seralini study with respect to cancer, safety testing, glyphosate and other widely used pesticides assumed to be safe.
    www.earthopensource.org www.gmwatch.org
  41. December 1, 2012 CommanderX
  42. December 21, 2012 Eva Galperin
  43. Eva Galperin is the International Freedom of Expression Coordinator at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. She worked all over Silicon Valley and now covers the world, defending digital rights, individual privacy and online safety. Eva helps to explain the work EFF does around the globe to protect users in the courts and online from filing lawsuits to dissecting malware. An unapologetic geek and cyberskilled Internet traveler, Eva gets into some of the technical issues of infosec for users and industry as well as the HTTPS Everywhere project by EFF to make online safety a standard.
    https://www.eff.org/about/staff/eva-galperin https://www.eff.org/https-everywhere
  44. December 22, 2012 Leah Bolger ~ Pres. Veterans for Peace
  45. Leah Bolger is a retired Navy Commander with 20 years of US Military Service, a full time Peace Activist and President of Veterans for Peace. VFP works to educate the public about the true cost and consequences of war by looking past the headlines that justify war to focuses on the people living and dying with the weapons and destruction aimed at them. Leah's first hand experience helps us move away from abstract political & economic discussions of war to confront its reality with an aim of building coalitions for peace.
    http://www.veteransforpeace.org/who-we-are/our-mission/ http://www.veteransforpeace.org/pressroom/news/2012/10/08/life-waziristan-2012-ad

Lorax Live is an almost-weekly internet radio show which interviews a variety of guests. Topical constraints are sparse but the conversation centers around whistle blowing, activism, and governmental corruption.

This is a playlist of the Lorax Live see for complete list
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Lorax Live Archive 2013

  1. January 4, 2013 Susan Lindauer ~ CIA whistleblower
  2. As a U.S. Intelligence Asset, Susan Lindauer covered anti-terrorism at the Iraqi Embassy in New York from 1996 up to the invasion. Independent sources have confirmed that she gave advance warning about the 9/11 attack and after requesting to testify before Congress about Pre-War Intelligence, Lindauer became the first non-Arab American detained under the Patriot Act. After five years of indictment without a conviction or guilty plea, the Justice Department dismissed all charges five days before President Obamas inauguration. Susan talks about her ordeal and our National peril contained in her book Extreme Prejudice: The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act and the Cover Ups of 9/11.
  3. January 11, 2013 Andy Lee Roth ~ @ProjectCensored
  4. Since 1976 Project Censored has done pioneering research and work with independent media and investigative journalists. Over three decades Project Censored has trained nearly 2,000 students how to do investigative research, to advocate for the protection of the First Amendment and defend a free press in the United States. On the shameful 11 year Anniversary of the Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba, Andy shares some of the Guantanamo stories Project Censored has reported that haven't crept into broader coverage. He explains how this fits into a broader picture of America as the best Democracy money can buy.
    http://www.projectcensored.org http://www.projectcensored.org/the-top-25-index/
  5. Sunday special March 3, 2013 Susan Lindauer
  6. Susan Lindauer is a former CIA asset and post 911 whistleblower, She was the first non-Muslim American indefinitely detained under the Patriot Act. On her first interview she focused on the general police state and Washington's war on truth. She adds insight to Federal Judge, Loretta Preska, who declared Susan mentally incompetent to stand trial and now on the case of accused Stratfor hactivist, Jeremy Hammond. Susan's terrifying ordeal stands as evidence of the US abandoning the rule of law and she sheds light on the known risks to Julian Assange and Wikileaks drawn from the parallels.
  7. March 3, 2013 Alexa O'Brien
  8. This interview occurred three days after Bradley Manning spoke for the first time on his own behalf. Alexa has transcribed all of the testamony in the case and describes her reactions to Bradley's statement. She explains the technical details of the case with respect to the charges he did and did not plead to as well as offering an insight into the character of the man who delivers the words. Alexa helps us to see inside the most secret, public trial in history and feel the humanity, humility and extraordinary character of Bradley Manning.
  9. March 15, 2013 Jonathan Latham, PhD ~ Genetic Engineering Virologist
  10. Jonathan R Latham, PhD Co-founder and Executive Director of the Bioscience Resource Project; Editor of the Independent Science News website. Dr. Latham holds a Masters degree in Crop Genetics and a PhD in Virology. He talks about some of the basic risks of genetically engineering food crops as well as the toxic science and policy tied to the newly discovered Gene VI virus strands in human food varieties.
    www.independentsciencenews.org www.bioscienceresource.org
  11. April 19, 2013 Samantha Castro ~ WACA - Wikileaks Party
  12. Sam gives an overview of her co-founding of the Wikileaks Citizens Alliance WACA explaing the world events that made defending Wikileaks essential. She follows the theatrical release of the film Underground, that is based on Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, Sam details the Nationwide film tour and panel discussions that have launched a Wikileaks Party and Assange run for Australian Senate.
    http://www.wikileaksparty.org.au/ http://waca.net.au/get-the-facts/
  13. April 27, 2013 Mark Novitsky ~ Securities & Exchange Commission whistleblower
  14. Mark Novitsky is a National Security Whistleblower on Financial corruption and illegal government surveillance. He details his discovey and ordeal from 2007 when he exposed widespread efforts to stop investigations of financial fraud. Mark explains how the 2008 economic collapse was not only preventable it was an event that was well known and designed to happen through specific loopholes in the regulatory laws.
  15. May 3, 2013 Copyright Debate Travis McCrea & Charles Sheehan Miles
  16. Charles Sheehan Miles is a writer and activist who traveled throughout the Middle East on his own in the 1980's and returned with the US Army, Gulf War troops in 1991. He argues in defense of copyright protections as an essential tool for artists and writers. Travis is the creator of TUEBL which is a digital library and growing free collection of works that he says is worth going to jail to protect. He argues for open source access to information and defends his TUEBL library as fully legal. In an interesting twist the debate wraps with an offer by Travis to put Charles' book on the free site and personally pay for any lost sales if TUBEL doesn't outperform Amazon income.
    http://travismccrea.com/2012/06/why-tuebl-is-worth-the-risk/ http://www.sheehanmiles.com/ travis @teamcoltra charles @ CSheehanMiles
  17. May 24, 2013 Diana Reeves
  18. Diana Reeves is mother from Connecticut who was on the fast track of corporate success when a critically ill child changed her priorities in life. She began to explore sources of illness; focusing on food soon led to her discovery of gmo ingredients. She was outraged by America's politicians failure to support or protect consumers and joined the ranks of activists by forming GMO Free USA to foster education and create legislative reform.

    May 25th is a day of worldwide protest against Monsanto genetically engineered foods. In solidarity with OpMonsanto MarchAgainstMonsanto and consumers globally loraxlive dedicate the show to the issue of food freedom. Diana shares the grassroots, consumer efforts behind the ongoing campiagn to label gmo ingredients with a boycott of food giant Kelloggs.

  19. May 24, 2013 Jack Heinemann
  20. Jack Heinemann is a PhD research Professor at University of Cantebury who specializes in the genetics and molecular biology of single-celled bacteria. Specific interests are the biochemical and genetic characterization of horizontal gene transfer (particularly as it relates to the evolution of virulence and antibiotic resistance in microbes and the risks of genetically modified/engineered organisms) and yeast, bacteria and the test of evolutionary theories.

    Jack explains the stunning lack of science surrounding genetically engineered crops. He touches on some of the unknowns and risks of using industry's assumption that gmo plants are safe until proven harmful. Jack gives examples of how gmo enter the food supply without using the precautionary principle; a standard where all novel foods and drugs must show safety in clinical trials, before using with an entire population.

  21. May 31, 2013 Napoleon Gomez
  22. Napoleon Gmez is known worldwide for his struggle to bring unions and humans rights to workers. He is an Oxford educated economist and expert on labor movements, he brings together the concepts of global capitalism and the real life issues facing individual workers seeking human rights and economic justice.

    Napolean is a member of the executive committee of IndustriALL Global Union. It is the most powerful union organization with more than 50 million members worldwide. He works closely with leaders of unions around the world, including the United Steelworkers Union.

    His new book - Collapse of Dignity is an account of one of the deadliest labor conflicts in modern history. He share the story of a mining accident in Mexico in 2006 that killed 65 men and how their effort for safety following the tragedy led to Napoleon seeking exile as a political refugee.

  23. May 31, 2013 Alexa O'Brien
  24. Alexa O'Brien is a journalist and activist challenging the growing Security State in America and single handedly responsible for a public transcript for Bradley Manning's 18 months of pretrial hearings. Her record is all that stands behind defacto secrecy and accurate history. Alexa shares feedback on the D.C. debut of Alex Gibney's $2.5 million dollar anti-Wikileaks propaganda film, We Steal Secrets. She gives concrete examples of factual errors as well as an idea how these themes will play into the trial of Manning and ongoing war on whistleblowers.
  25. June 14, 2013 Leah Bolger ~ President Veterans for Peace
  26. Leah Bolger is a retired Navy Commander with 20 years of US Military Service, a full time Peace Activist and President of Veterans for Peace. The VFP mission is to educate the public about the true cost and consequences of war. Leah is active in moving the concept of war from a discussion of economics and politics to a place where we can build coalitions for peace.

    Leah talks about the revealations of NSA PRISM global spying system, the fate of whistleblower Edward Snowden. She also shares solutions she explores as Secretary of Defense in the Green Shadow Cabinet and the growing success of the Drones Quilt Project.

    www.veteransforpeace.org http://www.greenshadowcabinet.us/
  27. July 12, 2013 Alexa O'Brien The Defense Rests Week 6 Manning Trial Update
  28. Alexa gives us an overview of the Bradley Manning trial from an historic perspective and explains how circumstances make the trial so different from other trials in the precidents it sets? She explains why the world should be watching as the US tries to equate online publishing with action that is Aiding the Enemy and how it affects every user of the Internet if the web is the connection between users and enemies. She highlights the brilliance of the Defense strategy that destroys some of the governments claims and shares the dramatic impact of the testimony of Harvard professor Yochai Benkler, qualified Wikileaks expert.
  29. July 19, 2013 Stanley Cohen
  30. Stanley Cohen is a brilliant litigator who only takes cases of individuals against the State. As one of the defense attorneys for Anonymous activists in the PayPal DDoS protest he has become a hero in the FreeAnons community. He updates the developments for the PayPal 14 case as well as offering his perspective on the issues surrounding the case of Edward Snowden who leaked details of NSA global spying program. Stanley explains the basis for asylum and amnesty under International Law and the lack of respect for the law by the United States. He adds inspiration and encouragement for hactivists, activists and lovers of free speech to continual push back against the surveillance state and demand the freedoms endowed by our Creator.
  31. August 9, 2013 Russ Baker
  32. Russ Baker shares his insights into the Snowden NSA leak, the death of Michael Hastings and connection to jailed activist Barrett Brown. Russ is an award winning journalist who has has broken scores of stories over the past two decades. He is the author of Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty,the Powerful Forces That Put It in the White House, and What Their Influence Means for America as well as The Bush Dynasty, Americas Invisible Government and the Secret History of the Last Fifty Years.
    http://whowhatwhy.com/ http://whowhatwhy.com/2013/07/22/monday-morning-skeptic-is-snowden-the-criminal-or-is-it-the-system/ http://www.familyofsecrets.com/press-release/
  33. August 9, 2013 Alexa O'Brien Manning trial week 8 State Dept damamges.
  34. Alexa updates the week's events in the courtroom which was was dominated by testimony from the State Department regarding the impact of the leaks. Government witness had Aboul Enein a DIA Senior Advisor & 'expert on Al Qaeda' testify about possible benefit to AlQeida from Wikileaks. She explains the strategy promoting the "wanton publication" charge and its implications as a precident.
  35. August 16, 2013 Kevin Gallagher ~ writer #FreeBarrett
  36. Kevin M. Gallagher is a writer, musician and systems administrator based in western Massachusetts. He is pursuing issues related to digital rights,freedom of information, privacy, copyrights and information security. As the director and founder of Free Barrett Brown support network, Kevin gives insight into the US government charges and broader impact of the case for other journalists, hactivists and whistleblowers. Brown faces a possible sentence of 100 years for copying and pasting a link in an online forum. Kevin explains how Barrett's Project PM focused on the content of Stratfor emails that exposed details of a contractor intelligence network and lins to US government assault on Wikileaks where the contents of the leak constitute the Global Intelligence files.
    @FreeBarrett @aegis
    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/freebarrettbrown
    Free Barrett http://freebarrettbrown.org
  37. August 16, 2013 Alexa O'Brien - Week 9 Manning Trial Ends - Verdict Looms
  38. Alexa O'Brien is a journalist, film-maker & digital media strategist who has provided extensive archives & only available transcripts of Wikileaks source Bradley Manning, in the 18 month long proceedings formally known as United States vs Pfc. Bradley Manning under the 1917 Espionage Act. She is one of a handful of journalists who have covered the trial and she is recognized globally for research and coverage. Despite the historic significance of the trial and broad implications for the First Amendment & other rights, the US government has conducted it in virtual secrecy for the public phase and total secrecy for much of the testimony and evidence. The trial has concluded and Alexa shares her thoughts about the case a possible verdict as Judge Denise Lind deliberates.
    Opinion UK Guardian http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/aug/16/ethical-consistency-bradley-manning-apology
    Trial Timeline http://www.alexaobrien.com/timeline_us_versus_manning_assange_wikileaks_2012.html
    Trial Transcripts http://www.alexaobrien.com/secondsight/wikileaks/bradley_manning/transcripts/
    Manning Searchable Database http://www.alexaobrien.com/secondsight/wikileaks/bradley_manning/appellate_exhib/united_states_versus_private_first_class_bradley_manning_searchable_legal_filings_and_rulings.html

Lorax Live is an almost-weekly internet radio show which interviews a variety of guests. Topical constraints are sparse but the conversation centers around whistle blowing, activism, and governmental corruption.

This is a playlist of the Lorax Live see for complete list
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Lorax Live Archive 2014

  1. May 25, 2014 Anonymous we are Lorax Tribute for #censored radio host @Loraxlive
  2. In the last few days, it has been reported that a prominent voice within the Anonymous community has been arrested alongside another. Lorax was an outspoken individual who, above all, truly believed in the various operations and causes of not only Anonymous, but also those outside the collective who shared similar ideologies. He reached out to those he felt had an aim worthy of promotion on many occasions, with such causes as freedom of speech, freedom on the internet and those against the machinations of the state which aim to take away the privacy and freedoms of opinion and expression that he felt we should have. In the course of this, he and his show have been invaluable in spreading the various messages from the guests he had; we now ask those guests to show solidarity with the man who categorically believed in them.

    To all of you who have been given a time at which to discuss your cause, promote it and be supported by Lorax, we ask that you stand by him during this difficult time with public acknowledgment of your support for him in any way you can. If we don’t show solidarity with those who will go out into the public eye and will voice the fight that many of us feel we face, then we may end up without such a voice entirely.

    We are the Lorax,
    We speak truth to power,
    We fight for a more just world,
    We are the peaceful future,
    Expect us. #FreeLorax
  3. June 11, 2014 LoraxLive AnonymousRadio
  4. June 13, 2014 Sue Crabtree, whom many have called the heart of Jeremy Hammond’s support network
  5. The Anonymous Solidarity Network exists to provide legal and moral support for activists facing prosecution for involvement, alleged or otherwise, in Anonymous actions. The use of information networks to perform community acts of protest is neither a crime nor an act of conspiracy and should not be prosecuted as such. We believe that information is power and that the power should always belong to the People.
  6. July 19, 2014 Andy Lee Roth Doug Haskins ~ Project Censored Movie
  7. Since 1976 Project Censored has done pioneering research and work with independent media and investigative journalists. Over three decades Project Censored has trained nearly 2,000 students how to do investigative research, to advocate for the protection of the First Amendment and defend a free press in the United States. On the shameful 11 year Anniversary of the Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba, Andy shares some of the Guantanamo stories Project Censored has reported that haven't crept into broader coverage. He explains how this fits into a broader picture of America as the best Democracy money can buy.
    http://www.projectcensored.org http://www.projectcensored.org/the-top-25-index/
  8. July 19, 2014 Gabriella Coleman vs AnonymousDigital
  9. Chat with Biella Coleman and Anonymous Digital Discussing her new book "Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy: The Story of Anonymous"
    "Essential reading." – Glenn Greenwald
    "Nuanced and compelling." – Astra Taylor, Bookforum

    Here is the ultimate book on the worldwide movement of hackers, pranksters, and activists that operates under the non-name Anonymous, by the writer the Huffington Post says “knows all of Anonymous’ deepest, darkest secrets.”

  10. July 26, 2014 Jane Hamsher US film producer, author, and blogger
  11. Jane Hamsher (born Jane Murphy; July 25, 1959) is a US film producer, author, and blogger best known as the author of Killer Instinct, a memoir about co-producing the 1994 movie Natural Born Killers with Don Murphy and others, and as the founder and publisher of the politically progressive blog FireDogLake (2004 – the present). With Murphy, she also co-produced the subsequent films Apt Pupil (1998), Permanent Midnight (1998), and From Hell (2001). A contributor to The Huffington Post, she posts also in liberal Websites and political magazines, such as AlterNet and The American Prospect.
  12. August 2, 2014 Eva Galperin Electronic Frontier Foundation
  13. Eva Galperin is the International Freedom of Expression coordinator for the Electronic Frontier Foundation and describes herself as a lifelong geek. She gives us an overview of the mission and scope of activity for EFF as well as detailing specific projects like the detection of Syrian malware used against activists, which EFF does to help protect free speech online. Eva discusses online privacy protection and government surveillance including Trapwire, the covert global tracking system employed by United States Government intelligence contractor that was exposed in the Stratfor email hack and released by Wikileaks as Global Intelligence files.
  14. August 9, 2014 Nicki Lisa Cole Apple’s Rotten Business: Malpractice, Tax Dodging, and Surveillance for Profit [1/2]
  15. Apple is the most valuable brand in the world, worth an approximate $98 billion. One would expect that such a company would be above taking financial short cuts but a January 2014 assessment by Nicki Lisa Cole at Counterpunch reveals disturbing malpractices by the company, including profiting from unregulated tin mining in Indonesia, unlawful labor in China, tax evasion, gouging the Los Angeles public school system, and using surveillance technology for profit.

    In 2013 many tech companies admitted to purchasing tin, used in soldering virtually every electronic device, from unregulated mines in Indonesia. Apple however refused to disclose where it sources its tin, even after Friends of the Earth, an international network of environmental organizations, mobilized 25,000 people to write to the company in protest. Use of unlawful labor extends into China where reports from SACOM and China Labor Watch document deplorable working conditions, including 100-hour workweeks, high levels of underage student labor, and unlivable wages—even though Apple had joined the Fair Labor Association in 2012.

  16. August 9, 2014 Nicki Lisa Cole Apple’s Rotten Business: Malpractice, Tax Dodging, and Surveillance for Profit [2/2]
  17. Cole also reports on iBeacon, an app for the company’s popular iPhone and iPad that Apple claims acts as a “personal shopper.” Specifically, the program pushes sales offers and notifications to customers as they browse Apple stores. Privacy advocates have warned against this kind of location- and context-aware advertising for years. “While Apple has taken a public stance against the widespread digital surveillance of the PRISM program,” Cole writes, “the company clearly has no moral qualms about using surveillance technology for its own profit.”

    News of Apple’s mercenary business practices have begun to emerge in US corporate media and may be gathering steam, particularly since the New York Times covered Apple’s tax evasion record and the Los Angeles Times’ reporting on Apple’s $1 billion dollar deal with the Los Angeles Unified School District.

    Source: Nicki Lisa Cole, "Apple’s Top Crimes of 2013," Counterpunch, January 1, 2014, http://www.counterpunch.org/2014/01/01/apples-top-crimes-of-2013/

Lorax Live is an almost-weekly internet radio show which interviews a variety of guests. Topical constraints are sparse but the conversation centers around whistle blowing, activism, and governmental corruption.

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Lorax Live Archive 2015

  1. May 15, 2015 Tribute with owen as host.
  2. Review the case of Adam Bennett, AKA the beloved Lorax who was arrested this time last year for his alleged role in cyber protest. Charges have continued to mount and drop against Adam since the beginning of this nightmare. He is currently awaiting an all new , fresh set of charges after an entire year of conditions applied to ultimately unfounded ones. At the time of his arrest, Adam was dedicating his time to his community by working as Fundraising Manager for the not-for-profit organisation Cancer Support W.A. and saving real lives by volunteering as a Patrol Officer for Scarborough Surf Life Saving Club. When the AFP came knocking, media attention saw Adam being required to step down from Cancer Support W.A. Adam's arrest not only takes a voice away from the internet due to his bail conditions, but also partially prevents him from being able to help others within his local community something which has always been close to his heart. He and his team are credited with atleast one save since he has been out on bond awaiting trial. Adam has continued to work as a certified volunteer life guard till this day.
  3. June 12, 2015 LoraxLive with guest w0rmer - host owen
  4. Guest Higinio O. Ochoa III w0rmer member of the CabinCr3w.
  5. June 19, 2015 LoraxLive with guest samantha castro from aussieland - host owen
  6. Sam Castro is a lifelong activist, defender of the environment and mother of 3 children. She works for Friends of the Earth Australia which was recently been declared an "extremist organization" for its campaigns against coal and uranium mining companies. Sam tells us what changes pushed her to find time in a full and busy life to become involved with Occupy Melbourne and supporting Wikileaks. She also reflects on the revolutionary changes to the face of activism globally and the power shif occuring with the tools of social networking and Internet information creating novel coallitions around the need for political transparency and reform.
    WACA - Wikileaks Citizens Alliance Australia
  7. July 10, 2015 LoraxLive with guest Douglas Lucas - host owen
  8. Owen got a chance to interview writer, researcher and journalist Douglas Lucas. Talks about Barret Brown, Stanley Cohen. Douglas Lucas analysed Stratfor emails released by WikiLeaks as part of a report on Mexican military helicopters crossing into the US. The article states that the US is taking a counterinsurgency approach to the border drug war.
    What You Wish You Knew Yesterday
    Douglas Lucas, Author at WhoWhatWhy

  9. It is with heavy hearts that we announce that one of our very good friends and fellow oper, Dennis "owen" Collins, has died. Owen died peacefully at his desk, an oper until the very end. A message from Stanley Cohen: "He isn't dead... he's just moved on." I have been truly blessed to know and love many great people of all ages, stature and beliefs from all over the world. At this point, but for one, their names or what they've done matters little. What does matter is that this community of ours shares a common bond, a belief that together we can and will make a difference. That we can change this world; that we are fellow travelers in a struggle to make this thing called humanity kinder, warmer, more humane- a community built on shared values, purpose and principle not greed or surrender to power. Today, I learned our community has lost one of its giants, far too soon.
    Dennis "Owen" Collins: 1960 - 2015
    Tribute video Dennis OWEN Collins.
    Dennis "Owen" Collins memorial page
  10. July 25, 2015 LoraxLive with guest Nancy Norelli (nix), Sue Crabtree and t0p1 - host Risk
  11. The history of Freeanons as told by lawyer Nancy Norelli (nix). FreeAnons has many people who assist with its operations, all over the world. There is no group, staff or leader of Freeanons. Most of the people who assist us are totally Anonymous, and they are the heart of FreeAnons. They work at irc.Anonops.com #freeanons. However, in our mission to assist arrested Anons, we have maintained a donation fund since 2011. This fund is only part of what we do, but it requires real world support from people who have agreed to lend their names to the cause. The fund operates as an emergency fund for those who have no other resources. As such, we set up a corporation that is managed by individuals who are entrusted to care for the money, pay taxes on it, and make sure it gets to those who need it. This corporation runs as an adjunct to irc activities, and the information below pertains only to the corporation itself, which must abide by certain laws in order to exist at all.
    Donate FreeAnons

Lorax Live is an almost-weekly internet radio show which interviews a variety of guests. Topical constraints are sparse but the conversation centers around whistle blowing, activism, and governmental corruption.

This is a playlist of the Lorax Live see for complete list
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Lorax Live is an almost-weekly internet radio show which interviews a variety of guests. Topical constraints are sparse but the conversation centers around whistle blowing, activism, and governmental corruption.

This is a playlist of the Lorax Live see for complete list
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